Acari Rooftop Mount System RTM-101


Acari Rooftop Mount System RTM-101

We love this Acari RTM-101. Not only does it solve the problem of magnet mounting of the Ford trucks with the aluminum body, but it also eliminates lease penalties for drilling holes in the cab! This unique mounting system allows you to drill holes in the platform, not your truck. It uses a clever design which clamps through the hole in the cab where the brake light fits. The unit is completely sealed to the cab with foam gaskets to prevent water inside the interior, then the brake light mounts into the Acari. Watch the video below on the video tab for complete assembly details.

We stock the Acari Rooftop Mount System RTM-101, 22" in two models:

  • RTM-101-F which fits the 2015 and newer F-150 and 2017 and newer F-250
  • RTM-101-GM which fits 2014-2017 (HD 2500, 3500, ALL MODELS) & 2014-2017 (1500 ALL MODELS)

Acari recommends no equipment should protrude more than 6" from each end, meaning maximum width of a lightbar would be 34". Think mini lightbars, strobes, alarms, etc.


Q. Can I use a magnetic mounted accessory with the Acari Platform?

A. The Drill Free RTM Platform is made out of anodized aluminum which is not magnetic.

Q. Can I use the Acari mount as an electrical ground for my accessory?

A. The Acari Mount will not serve as an electrical ground. Although the platform is metal, it is mounted to the truck with rubber gaskets. Please follow your accessory’s manufacturer’s installations instructions for proper grounding.

Acari RTM-101 Manual - (ACARI-INSTALLATION-GUIDE.pdf, 298 Kb) [Download]

  1. Drill holes in the platform, NOT THE CAB ROOF. The platform securely attaches to the cab's roof with its revolutionary clamp and gasket system through the third brake light opening.
  2. The ACARI™ RTM System is manufactured in high quality, 6063 anodized aluminum with high impact ABS end caps and is made entirely in the United States, which makes the product sturdy and dependable.
  3. The weight limit on the platform is 30 lbs. and we do not recommend mounting any accessories that reach over the length of the platform by more than 6” on either side.
  4. Rooftop mounts are engineered to be vehicle specific and are available for most late-model full size pick-up trucks.
  5. Perfect for large fleets or single vehicle applications.